Re: Re: Pound above 1.2 Euros for first time since November 2008


@rt21 wrote:

I doubt whether any uplift in the pound or for that matter any reduction in house prices will have a significant impact on British demand for Spanish property.

In times of economic uncertainty people tend to be more cautious with their spending. On top of that people would have to be particularly brave or perhaps naive to invest in a property market that has gained such a bad reputation in recent years.


I should add that over the last 12 months many friends, work colleagues and acquaintances continually ask me whether I am affected by the property scandals in Spain. It seems to me that the whole of the UK has heard or read about these scandals.

I think you are absolutely correct on all points. It is catch 22 anyway as the British who are selling will not be as willing to do a lower deal if they are transfering into sterling. Also the slight increase would be wiped away by the IVA rise on 1st July.

I feel one of those posts coming one such as
“The phone has never stopped ringing all week”
“Last month I sold 5 properties, this month 10”

How long will it take 😆