Re: Re: Polaris World near bankruptcy


My best guess will be another fudge and mudge giving PW yet more time to stutter on with other peoples money racking up bigger debts. Pulling the plug creates more local unemployment and the politicians with more and more awkward and embarrassing questions to answer. Like how come PW could build massive urban complex’s on rural land in the middle of intensive agriculture regions without existing infrastructure for habitation. 😕 Mmm. If that happened anywhere else but Spain searching questions would be asked and a few collars felt.
Where else can you buy huge chunks of agricultural land at agricultural values and then miraculously build an urbanisation in the middle of a rural zone and flog off property at inflated values. Nice work if you can get it.

Here is some up to date news from PW forums. 4pm 22 April.
Today is D-Day for Polaris World To resolve their problems with the banks. Reports are coming in what is happening at the community centre on Mar Menor, the town centre is today being stripped of everything and anything that can be removed,this includes all catering equipment from the restaurant and bar,all gym equipment and potted plants, even the reception desk has been removed! The company that was running the paddle courts and gym will be holding a meeting tomorrow at 10:00 in the Irish bar. Anyone can attend.