Re: Re: Petition: An Open Letter to David Lidington, Minister fo



@shakeel wrote:

Promoting Spanish properties is one thing. However calling transparent etc is what I object to.
I expect any commercial organisation will promote its product no matter how questionable their product are or the ethos of that organisation. ( hence buyer be aware )
However when a Minister comes out one expect a certin level of honesty, integrity, moral, competance & an expectations that their institutions are in order.

Ofcourse, as we all know that there are many people from all over the world and the majority of them had no problems.

I agree with your comments, however, Spain needs to promote their property portfolio to sell the huge backlog.
Independent sellers are also caught up in this mess and they want Spain promoted to sell their property.
Voting to try to stop these promotions will only slow matters down for Spain even more.
I would obviously have a different view in this issue had I have been one of the unfortunate ones who got lumbured with an illegal build, but as I am not, it is in my interest and of those who wish to sell, that Spain puts 110% in getting the property market back on its feet.
So I am backing it all the way, and I assume anyone who needs to sell in Spain would agree.