Re: Re: Petition: An Open Letter to David Lidington, Minister fo


Jonas wrote:

I am not being funny but if we are all expected to wait for “SPAIN” to sort things out swiftly, we will be waiting forever.
You know as well as I do that things take years to sort out in Spain, whatever the issue, if courts need to get involved you have a very long wait, whether you are an expat or not.

Jonas, on the contrary there are two things that could be achieved relatively quickly by the government taking action NOW.

1. All bank guarantees should be honoured on illegal and unfinished builds. Full stop.
2. Fast-track courts should be set up to deal specifically with property issues. The law (Ley57/68) is very specific and there should be no misinterpretations.

The former could be dealt with, if not tomorrow, within weeks and the latter within months.

Monies would be freed and those still wishing to buy and live in Spain – and there are considerable numbers of those – would be in a position to try again. In this way there would be satisfaction for sellers and for reputable, licensed agents.

Come on Spain, get your act together.

And would-be purchasers, never forget the all important: Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware.