Re: Re: Petition: An Open Letter to David Lidington, Minister fo


The thrust of the petition is about confronting corruption in the Spanish property market – the planning, the promoting, the selling, the buying, the whole shebang. It is addressed to David Lidington who has a UK governmental role in promoting commerce between our two countries. He has been appointed a Minister with that specific role. But he is relatively new in post.

Spain has laws – very sound laws – governing all aspects of the property market. These laws have been transgressed in many cases – I’m talking hundreds of thousands of cases – by all sections of the processes involved in the market over the last decade. David Lidington doesn’t know about these things and needs to be informed.

Whether we want to buy or to sell property in Spain, now is not the time. We are all stuck. Until the Spanish Government can sort out the mess its property market is in, very few of us can move. When Town Halls can’t be trusted, when lawyers, judges and the justice system can’t be called upon to obey their own laws, when banks can’t be relied upon to honour their guarantees, when developers use deception and lies to promote and finally go belly-up or abscond, when no official will accept responsibility for any of their actions, or non-actions, what hope is there for confidence in such a market?

Desperation only breeds further chaos. Spain needs to step up to the plate and get adult about things. Let’s not forget, it’s not just the British who are being ripped off, the Spanish are ripping themselves off, too. Big time.

So, what the petition is asking of David Lidington is please to call a halt to any further dealings with the Spanish property market wo/men until such time as monies illegally held by banks and developers have been returned and the backlog of court cases are dealt with swiftly and fairly according to Spanish Law. Is that really an unreasonable request? Then, and only then, will the market be able to move. How can anyone hope to sell in a market which can’t be relied upon to do the job properly and/or fairly, where charlatans are allowed to go free and nothing is what it seems? Anyone trying to sell property in Spain would be mad NOT to sign the petition.

This is what my own experience has taught me. I have every sympathy with all those who are ‘stuck’ as I am for whatever reason. None of us want to be in that position a minute longer.