Re: Re: Paramount theme park in Murcia



I remember a car called Delorian that was built with plenty of public money in N. Ireland; so it’s not just Spain.
But later on N. Ireland got other problems slowly sorted out and, although not exactly the same situation, it is where Spain is. The big money from the EU has stopped, Rumania, Bulgaria and the likes want their share of EU funds.

What Spain needs to do is not only face the corruption that for some reason seems to be embedded in the “conservative” section of politics (I don’t know why but the corruption charges always seem to taint the PP more than PSOE) but they also need to address the lack of productivity due to low investment in education, investigation, development, etc,.

I mentioned in the duplicated thread, why doesn’t Murcia try and bring a high tech firm to Murcia, hell yeah! Bring Microsoft, Google…whoever…I’d be with them all the way, but spend money on something that has been proven to be wrong not on one occassion but on several: Warner Park, Isla Magica and Terra Mitica.

It’s the need to get in another 4 years. It seems the life of a Spanish politian is Really cushy.