Re: Re: Paramount theme park in Murcia


@Janha wrote:

Paramount Park may not happen yet it seems unlikely that 15 odd million euro’s would be spent on land purchase otherwise -as on 7/3/2012. I dare say the dinosaurs amongst posters will say its happened before- maybe. But for the region I hope its a genuine positive move forward. As for Logan, I hope you’ve missed out. Hasta la vista.

It’s a case of ‘horses for courses’ Janha. The materials and fittings PW used were bog standard. The small flats for that’s what they are, not houses are pokey inside, tiny floor space, minuscule bathroom with the upper floor staircase restricting head room and kitchen in the living rooms where you cannot swing a cat. Buildings so close together you can shake hands with the neighbours, I could go on.
It’s particularly sad since Polaris had so much land there they could have created, with a little imagination something worth while.
At around 60K now they are probably approaching what in reality they are worth but another 15/20% decrease must be on the cards.
The Paramount thing is a red herring. The land can always be sold on later after the recession ends back to a reserected development company such as PW when hey fail to get the backing they need.
I am pleased you are happy with your investment but don’t try and persuade anyone Condado de Alhama is a desirable place to live, holiday or invest.