Re: Re: Paramount theme park in Murcia



@logan wrote:

The company behind this project Premursa have announced the purchase of 1,000,000m2 of land in the area of Murcia where the theme park is planned.
The company have a web site
The shareholder list includes public entities despite initial denials that any public funding for the project would be involved. 80% of the shareholding is a financial services company in California involving presumably private venture capital.
I’m still sceptical that enough funding will be found to complete the founders vision. Any return on invested capital will take a lifetime to come back, it’s bonkers.
Perhaps the answer is the Californians who are putting up the cash have little understanding of this part of Spain. Or they take a very long view of investment. 🙄 🙄

All sounds like the same hype. The Santa Monica financial company is actually registered in Madrid and was set up less than 3 years ago. It’s stated purpose is “Provision and advice and financial management, investment with respect to products in connection with commercial transactions”…bet there is a link somewhere with Premursa. Just made it look as if they have a large investor onboard.The investment needed is billions and all they have done is exercised their option to buy the land . If anyone buys in that area on the basis of this they would have to be bonkers.