Re: Re: Paramount theme park in Murcia


Have been asking genuine questions but most posters are real suspicious. Think because someone can string more than five words together you all see ‘patter’. Have nothing to do with any business or agency just an owner but would like to develop something for ourselves, create a small business, apartment prices are around £80,000-85,000 after IVA. Slowly this resort is moving ahead- can’t deny Polaris have cut and run but the Banks have taken back what they can and new investors have been found for the sports zone and bar area- this reopens 14th Oct. The main shopping area has new outlets (Indian restaurant, pizzeria and a bakery) due to open as the Banks have cut the rental and moves are afoot to develop the golf club house. There’s already the supermarket and a bar. When they achieve 700 full time residents buses etc will be set up from Alhama de Murcia- there are 3,200 owners but many aren’t resident or haven’t signed the padron. I know there’s masses of undeveloped land on the resort but what is built is contained and attractive and has no skeletons of half built projects

Corvera Airport is 25 minutes away and due to open Spring 2012 and as a result San Javier will revert back to being a military airport- disappointing no doubt to everyone who bought within a 15 minute drive in the last 10-15 years.

Personally find the Paramount Park video and blurb unrealistic in the current market ( it would be fantastic for the area if that were different) but thought it worth sharing with the forum- there may be a nugget in there for someone.