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Since early last year we are about 50 euro’s per month for Community Charges, so 10 euro’s over what our PW rep told us (and which we didnt believe) Local authority have taken over maintenance of the huge outer ring road which has helped negotiate down Community Charges and we have good administrators who have got us great deals on services and security. At present we are paying under 220 euro’s per month for mortgage, utility bills and Community Charges combined- well within our planned budget to own a property in Spain and we bought in 2008. Property prices have slumped but those much lower priced apartments are often those end ones facing a side wall or an emergency sale; usually 85,000-90,000 euro’s seems average for the 2 beds and 95,000+ for the 3 beds and Penthouse’s. I think the 2 bed 2 bath detached villas are around 169,000 euro’s.

Paramount Resort is to be 4 k away- size of 39 football pitches, leisure park based around film genre, water park, 4 hotels across various budgets, open air auditorium for outdoor events.

Did you see the presentation two weeks back Youtube and tv? Land agreed, Licences approved, building supposed to start at the end of 2011. Maybe, maybe, not as that is all based on funding which has been reduced from the original billion odd budget so apparently more likely to be achieved. Expected to open 2015 and will provide 10,000 jobs to the region during the build- if it does that you can’t consider that a negative for the region.

Corvera Airport on target to open spring 2012. I haven’t been there recently but neighbours have and said visually it looks like an airport now and roads , tower, terminal, car parks all in place and the place was a hive of activity. Fingers crossed.

50 % Bank stock now sold on the resort also seen a rise in private sales across the resort, that has come from the Banks not agents. Lots of interest generally apparently according to who you speak to but agents will always say that wont they. As an example: since Easter 2010 our block of 12 apartments are now all taken, last Easter 2010 there were 5 unsold. Only one of those sales has been since Dec 2010 but across the whole Jardin there’s more evidence of new owners and that does seem to be replicated across the resort although Oct to March is invariably quieter. Maybe people are speculating but they know how things are at the present and that Paramount cant be a done deal until the actual building starts, so it is their choice.

We have a restaurant that opens Easter to Sept, a large bar/pub that also does food, a supermarket, administration offices and a golf shop in the main shopping area as well as a Polaris World sales office. Olagolf are building a clubhouse and a private venture is planning to take over the sports zone which would reopen all the courts and the cafe. The La Isla part of the resort has a new telecoms system going in and a new club house in the pipeline and I’m told a further pool. Additional tree’s and shrubs have just been planted across the resort. In the summer season Polaris organise party nights, bbq’s and entertainment in the bar area and other times we have regular music and events throughout the year in the bar.

We have nothing half built and the golf is well managed now by Olagolf with regular Canal+ competions. There are swathes of land that are not built on but they are not an eyesore. Obviously we’d like the other units in the shopping centre open but that will need more than the 400 full time residents to make it viable to Polaris World in the current market, they still own the shopping area. We’re 15 minutes from Puerto Mazarron which has seen huge regeneration of the harbour area so is a great place for a wander and for shopping, 30 mins from Cartagena which is a fabulous town also recently under gone a refurb.

Its a lovely resort although obviously there should be more properties and the facilities need some development but most people dont feel we have come out of this slow down too badly. Be worse if the essentials weren’t finished or we had skeletons of half built buildings next door or on the sky line- as it is we have wonderful views! When the few things in the pipeline come together that will further improve living there. No doubt it needs big investment to take it to where the original 1st phase plans imagined, but we love it there. Cant see Polaris taking it back to the original plans any way as the time limits will have run out for planning permissions so opens up other opportunities to them although they’ll have to buy back in so maybe another developer will be a way forward in the future. Our view and those of our friends and neighbours will be different that that of someone who bought to flip or to rent out. They wanted the mega facilities as first promised but cest la vie. Those area’s have undoubtedly suffered though not just on CdA – so Paramount would be tremendous for those owners.

Sounds good for the area I really hope everything turns out well. I heard rumours that they had closed down certain things like the Tennis courts etc? Any truth to that? If I really liked living there I would as quickly as possible try to snatch up the things that are actually owned by PW but not really well maintained. Those are the things they have deemed not worth doing and you as a collective could probably buy it really cheap.

What are the resale prices going for? Have Polaris tried to limit people from advertising re sales etc?