Re: Re: Paramount theme park in Murcia



Whoops, its not going to be built at Condado de Alhama but at what was to be Sierra Golf Alhama which is less than 5 mins from Condado de Alhama. This news has been met with relief by many Polaris World owners who haven’t wanted to live on or directly next to a theme park however innovative it is to be. The recent Fitur in Madrid seems to have enabled the deal to be closed- although investment is still being sort after. With around 3 Billion to raise for the theme park it’s still likely to be uncertain that the park actually becomes a reality. However in the last week soil sampling has been taking place across Condado de Alhama, an event not seen for almost 2 years and generally done prior to construction- so there are hopes that the potential of the theme park has triggered some life into taking facilities there to the next step. Sales of apartments are still ticking over and there has been renewed interest in various urbanisations locally. IRM stuck out for their 350 million euro’s for the spare Condado de Alhama land but loosing the theme park may not be such a bad thing for them, as demand for land from other developers may be a bonus of the theme park being minutes away. Of course any further residential building must be subject to market forces and real demand as a knock on of the proposed theme park bringing in new buyers and renewed interest in commercial ventures. The theme park itself will have a hotel and apartments and villa’s so it may be judged wise to see what interest there is in these before extending permission to other developers. Regionally there remains a glut of unsold property although some analysts have been reporting that Murcia has suffered less badly than other regions in this down turn.

Paramount Park is not intended to be just a theme park; apparently it will be a base for a Paramount Studio complex, retail park and residential area’s. Therefore providing a lot of scope for long term employment in the area and in its design it will be different than the traditional theme park concept which will hopefully help it to avoid the problems other regional theme parks have suffered from. However, until the plans are available in April no-one really knows what this ‘difference’ will be.

It’s difficult to say if such a project is going to work in this area (if it gets off the ground) but the new airport seems to be progressing and new the road and rails links can only improve transport and communication. If they build it lets hope people come!