Re: Re: Paramount theme park in Murcia


Saw ‘Simply Networking’ before the news hit the forums.

Not too excited- not sure would have originally purchased close to a theme park, and it is our intention to retire to CdA within 10 years so that would have been a consideration at the beginning.

‘Simply networking’ report was soon over taken by La Verdad article.

However, all that has happened so far is that Condado de Alhama has been confirmed as the site for the theme park. Several billions of investment has to be found and they have a year to do that. But it has already seen a slow increase up in the sale of apartments- 19 in August and 27 in September- so from owners points of view it means PW may take note and improve some facilities and there are more owners to contribute to community charges. Of course many may just go back onto the market but residents are reporting a small resurgence of furniture van’s and appliance deliveries on the resort and they have been going to empty apartments residents didn’t realise had owners. If the news causes a renewed vibrancy to the resort and the region it’s not all bad. I am however, fully aware that many of these proposed projects don’t get beyond this point. So, we wait to see.

see link:-