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Surveyors have been out on the Condado de Alhama land during the week and the consortium of Banks who took the land from Polaris World in order for them to avoid bankruptcy are offering said land as their investment in the project. Condado is 20 mins from beaches and from Corvera, plus is on a good new road network. The land is ‘ready to go’ having been set up with a water desalination system and power already and with various urban building permits. Another plot has been identified in the Murcia town area and another in Molina de Segura.

Work on Corvera Airport has been mightily stepped up and is ongoing 24/7 with an announcement this week that it will be operational in late 2011- we can only wait and see as testing of the airport will take 6 months and it’s a mere shell at the moment. Plus the high speed rail link, which was approved earlier this year, between Murcia and Cartegena will play a part in the decision.

The proposal sounds more like a business/leisure park rather than the traditional theme park. Paramount are to base a studio area within the complex apparently. Rides will be designed around Paramount film theme’s and there will be Hotels and food retail outlets. Statements have been made saying this theme park will be unlike any other and so comparisons should not be made with existing complexes.

One major private investor has been announced with others falling over themselves to be involved (apparently) Many area’s have ‘offered’ plots of land. Many statements have been made to say no public funds will go into the project.

The idea that this is all election propaganda was mooted in February when the proposal first came to light. The Minister involved was at least able to produce a letter confirming the concept was more than hot air. Now Paramount have confirmed the theme park will be in Murcia and executives arrive in about a month to confirm it’s location. If investment is forthcoming- who know’s, it could really happen? In general the feeling seems to be that it will bring work and some investment to the region- whether the anticipated 3 million visitors a year is in any way accurate is another story! In these constrained times whether the future will really just be a half built theme park glorifying the horizon we also have to wait and see.

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“So why the optimism in Murcia? Sales are up, but is that enough? No. The market has moved somewhat from second/retirement homes to holiday home as investments. Holiday rentals in Murcia in 2010 have not suffered as elsewhere in Spain – tourism has been steady in 2010’s high season, and Alicante airport (less than an hour up the motorway) reported its best summer ever. Crucially, Murcia is moving ahead with a new international airport in Corvera, which is due to open in 2011, and estimates for the magnetic effect of the new theme park vary between 1.5 and 3 million additional visitors a year”-

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