Re: Re: Overseas property is the Wild West

Chris M

That is just too depressing for words really.

I have been waiting to hear more reported on another company that operated here on the CdS selling land, parcels of land to people over the telephone, who reportedly took some €90 million of money before disappearing to heaven knows where.

I understood there were arrests and investigations but then nothing, nothing at all.

And then how did other companies simply close down with € millions taken for furniture packs or deposits on properties in ’emerging markets’ that did not complete or were transferred.

Am afraid you are right, just tragically so, some people literally seem able to get away with pure daylight robbery across so many borders that there is no traction or ability to pursue them. It is seemingly open season if you have the mind to set up an elaborate scam. There seems to be no comeback whatsoever.

It all just beggars belief, it absolutely does, not looking for sympathy, but if you are business that has tried so hard to do the right thing, it leaves you in despair when so many are seen to be doing the wrong thing, and you can never really point the finger either.