Re: Re: Overseas property is the Wild West



Shakeel, a few bottles of Tinto please with you and anyone who cares to join us.

Rocker, I was so desperate to see an end to the awful Labour lot that I was pleased for any change of Government in the UK, and I did have hopes for the Conservatives, even the Coalition as I had voted for both these Parties in previous years. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that in reality there’s hardly any distinction between them in terms of both ignoring the public whilst lining their own greedy pockets. They all go gung-ho at various policy decisions without considering large groups that are suffering, they all blame past Governments, and they generally cock things up then get voted out and so the merry-go-round continues.

What makes it worse then, they all receive Peerages, Knighthoods, Part-Time Directorships with huge incomes, as well as fortunes for round the world speeches. They are nearly all an insiduous bunch of greedy tax evading crooks with jobs for ‘the boys’ ‘or girls’, incompetence and negligence are requirements for their CVs:evil:

I wouldn’t have confidence in voting for any of the current UK Parties in future. 🙄