Re: Re: Overseas property is the Wild West



Thanks Angie, I thought I was the only Liberal in a sea of Blue on this forum.

During many years of living and running a business in Spain, I’ve adopted the native ways and it was often a case of having to, or paying more tax than my Spanish neighbour next door, a lot more.

When another conservative government was elected last weekend, I wanted to run to the local newsagents before they run out of brown envelopes.

But over the last eight years or so I have noticed a vast improvement in the ‘honesty’ levels of the Spanish population; it coincided with the large scale arrests of mayors, developers, bankers and other officials, so the country is trying to clean up its image at long last.

The Malaya corruption trial in Marbella is still running, but with reporting restrictions imposed by the court. The outcome will be important for the whole of Spain.

I might still get the envelopes tomorrow, just in case.