Re: Re: Overseas property is the Wild West



What is it with this world now, where Governments allow: swindlers, individual and corporate tax evaders, Liars loans fraudsters, their own MPs and Peers, MEPs, Banks and bankers, the regulators etc etc to keep getting away with it with impunity?

The UK’s Gov’t has numerous Ministers who avoid/evade tax in offshore havens, now we hear that many homes over £1 million don’t have stamp duty in the UK, and today we hear that no Council Tax is paid on many homes owned by the super rich either (not that they need to save this), and what do Cameron, Clegg, Cable, et al do about it? The same as the previous Labour lot, nada!! 😈 Then you see these Ministers in church, bloody hypocrites 👿

It’s no wonder the masses are demonstrating everywhere.