Re: Re: One more banking scam in Spain.


@shakeel wrote:

People with honour & integrity. They are not born with these values along with other values. If the parents do not have values how can they inject them in the next generation ?.

That statement is true Shakeel, but in my long life time experience in business I have met and worked with many, many people who had the right qualities. I still have faith in people and in the future of the UK.

It’s the structures which need to change. The SFA is weak and under resourced. The regulators are inept and complacent. The B of E needs a new governor who has lived in the real world of business and courts need to impose savage sentences for white collar crime. That’s a start.

The real corruption lies in people at the very top of the hierarchical structures in Spain who possess the power to break others. Spain needs root and branch reforms, savage deep cleans not just in the financial sector as Rajoy announced but in all aspects of Spanish society.

Will it happen? I doubt it. Changing Spanish culture is an impossible task but you have to start somewhere.