Re: Re: One more banking scam in Spain.


@shakeel wrote:

People with honour & integrity. They are not born with these values along with other values. If the parents do not have values how can they inject them in the next generation ?.

The problem is uncontrolled and unchecked capitalism. As far the money is made their is no right or wrong. Of course the English will never do it as they have been turned into a subsrevient race. As far as the Englishmen has his money for the mortgage, two weeks in the sun, new washing machine if required and the biggest opium for the masses a season ticket of Chelsea, man U or Arsenal. The people will not rise.

Bob Diamond. While I can agree that he is the fall guy. He however had enough enemies to be a sitting target. Personally before the event I dispied him. If the city wants to clean its imagine they should ensure that no American is heading any of the orginisations.

I’m sorry but this is not capitalism… this is fraud.

Goverment intervention that allows for our financial system is whats at fault here.