Re: Re: Official- Greek Debt worst in the World


@Ardun wrote:

Greeks hate everyone that doesn’t give them what they want. Can ofcourse be said about most countries in that region =). The greeks have always played a hard stance against turks but deep inside they know they could just invade their country within a day or two. Instead they try to play it out cool in cyprus. They even consider Germany to owe them ex billions of euros because of WW2.


Watching a minority of fu**wit Greeks putting on a big demo in Athens smashing everything in sight.

They even interviewed these morons who claim they didn’t cause the crisis and its so unfair blah, blah (in greek).

But they did play their part and refuse to own up to it — they helped to vote in the fools that caused it and weren’t paying attention and acted early enough when it counted.

Bit like the UK based miltant public sector workers saying they are blameless for the UK mess — they helped to cause it by voting in the criminals that did it!

Back to Greece.

The EU efforts are about buying critical time amongst market turmoil.

The care for Greeks’ welfare has actually nothing to do with it (they couldn’t care less for a lazy public sector bloated economy) — the EU doesn’t want to waste hard earned money on a group of people who dont want to be saved.

The EU pollies are saying the right noises to make nice.

Its all about buying time for the big EU banks in other countries to re-capitalise to prevent EU disaster and prime national assets being bought by emerging economy countries eg China, India etc cherry picking the best stuff in the EU.

Make no mistake about this.