Re: Re: Official- Greek Debt worst in the World


When Labour’s outgoing chief secretary of the Treasury Liam Byrne left his successor David Laws a note in his desk, it said “I’m afraid to tell you there’s no money left”.

When George Papandreou and his Pasok party won the Greek election in 2009, they discovered Greece’s true debt (as against the phoney figures banded about by the previous government).
It was 340 billion euros.

The Greeks have had it, prolonging this any further with more loans (and all the dictatorial c**p/conditions that come with it) only digs them even deeper. 85% of the population don’t agree with/refuse to accept more cuts. They’re also angry that some of Greece’s best assets are to be sold (ports, electricity company etc)

One of the (Troika) conditions for releasing more money is that Papandreou must have cross-party agreement to the new austerity demands, including the sale of assets. He didn’t get it, many MP’s voted no, some walked out etc., so trouble ahead. There is talk of Papandreou proposing a kind of power-sharing type arrangement to get them to agree so we’ll see.

Am looking at Greek tv at the moment while writing this, Syntagma Square (the main square in Athens) is full for yet another day.
Police have resorted to tear gas……and embarrasingly for them, someone has filmed them on their mobile showing plain-clothes guys getting out of police vans and hiding long sticks in the bushes. They’re going to do what they did during riots last year, join in pretending to be one of the crowd and start violence. The protesters up to now have been peaceful so looks like the police want to stir it up a bit. All the news channels are showing it, no doubt the police will come up with some excuse for hiding these ‘weapons’ in the bushes..

The Bilderberg group couldn’t put it any clearer: Greece can never pay back what it owes the markets. Never.