Re: Re: Official- Greek Debt worst in the World


Where the public see’s that their taxes are not being used for the benefit of its citizens
(apart from the choosen few e.g in this instance the civil service ) and as such becomes aware that if & when they need any kind of assistance from the state it will not there or be insufficient for their needs of the time.

In order to preserve their standard of living, education, health, (a big Greek fat wedding sorry had to bring this) etc. The citizens, take the view of looking after themselves, hence the tax evasion if the economy is small this becomes very apparant.

I am afriad. I am with them in such scenario. A situation that we in England is getting towards. Yes, apart from Shipping & that has been under attack from the far eastern operators. Tourism is the very obvious earner. I wont mention the farming olive oil etc as it is insignificant. The countries having numerous a very number of them Island majority of them populated this creates its own logistic issues.

People, politically have a left wing views & anybody who does not share their views gets ostrazised and leave the Country this has been happening for decades. They do well & thrive in other countries. Thus creating a brain drain. This I could say for the majority of the Med Countries. Considering the population of Greece, Portugal is very much lower than France or Spain one would expect them to de well as they not carrying the burden of a large population.

It is very sad that a country that had contibuted so much towards education, medecine, philosophy etc finds itself in such a cross road.

In order to sort them out I think we should send the straight talking Greek who has just celebrated his 90 birthday.