Re: Re: Official- Greek Debt worst in the World


Unfortunately the tv cameras only focus on the ‘exciting bits’ where the few resort to violence. Tens of thousands of the general public – the recently-made unemployed, struggling pensioners and small-business owners, unemployed university grads. etc – who have been demonstrating peacefully for days now in Athens were ignored by the cameras yesterday.

You will always get the ‘yob’ element in any large demonstration, anywhere in the world. That doesn’t make the majority yobs, fucktards and uneducated. The majority of protesters in Athens have actually been turning away anyone looking as though they want to make trouble for days now. Yesterday, the ’50’ who were determined to ringfence the Parliament building and highjack the protest were hell bent on trouble. And anyone on the ground here knows that the plain-clothes police joined them to stir the trouble more to devalue the genuine protesters. Going by ozmonkey’s post, they succeeded.

But of course, those only able to look at the telly to form their opinions re. what’s happening on the ground form their own lopsided opinions. I watched the BBC World news, Euronews and France 24 last night and was amused at the way they only showed the violent bits and disregarded the rest. Compared to the live all-day Greek news on the protest, you wouldn’t think you were seeing the same demo.