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Chris M

@jiminspain wrote:

As we all know Estate Agents on the Costa’s have in recent years gained a rather tainted reputation, some by pure ignorance, some by unprofessional conduct, and some through pure greed and exploitation. Is it any wonder therefore that any scheme introduced by any Agent however well thought out and intended is perceived as another con, a gimmick, or both?

Commission levels of 4-5% are not considered by most as excessive, most vendors and buyers recognise the additional marketing costs associated with selling Spanish Properties to a predominantly UK based market.

The issue arises with the levels of professionalism and service offered by some Agents in return for their fees. Many have forgotten that their client the person with whom they have a written contact and obligation is the vendor.

The industry needs to regain the confidence of both vendors and buyers by being honest, transparent, and dependable with rewards coming from their endeavor and effort.

The wind of change is blowing and hopefully one day when someone asks what I do I will be happy to say I am an Estate Agent, without receiving that knowing look and raised eyebrow.


Hi Jim,

Amen to all of that, I agree with it all, the only thing I would say with regard to ourselves as an agent, is that it is not our intention to see ourselves selling to a predominantly UK based market.

Our model is also based on local business, where we have a substantial marketing presence, will also serve the national market here in Spain, and other markets also.

And like you we hope to recognise the utmost importance of our client the vendor. Whilst delivering a range of services to the buyer also.

I think we all want to be able to look people in the eye!