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The Republican Party of America looks out of touch and increasing irrelevant trying to preserve a stagnant religious based status quo. The Democrats appeal to a younger generation of Americans who demand and actively seek change in their society.

That is true. What’s more is that the Republicans have ‘branded’ themselves as being anti-science and anti-middle-class.

They deserved to lose and they did sustain huge losses across the US. For example, in California (still the world’s 8th largest economy), the Republicans have behaved so badly that for the 1st time in 80 years, because of Republican losses, there are so few Republicans in the two legislative houses of the state government that they are 100% irrelevant. They can stay home for the entire year and there will be no change in the legislative outcomes. (Regardless of our liberal ‘image’, in the last 50 years, moderate Republicans have been elected governor of California about 75% of the time.).

In order for the Republicans to win, they have to stand-up for the middle class. They have to purge their party of misogynists, racists, homophobes, and especially, the anti-science Christian right.