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Never really understood why anyone want would want to forbid to consenting adults to do whatever they want. It’s like forbidding horror movies because you yourself don’t like them.

I am in no way homophobic but I have to say that marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Children are brought up in a loving relationship between a man and a woman. It seems that gays want the best of both Worlds. They want to live out their rather unconventional lifestyle and yet want the trappings that belong to normal people. Can you imagine how screwed up a child will become if that child was brought up by a gay couple as opposed to a couple consisting of a man and a woman? Children have rights and deserve to be brought up by a normal heterosexual couple. How can a gay couple explain to a child the beauty of a Marilyn Monroe or Chelsea Charms with a magnificent 164 tripple X chest.

Chelsea Charms interview on the British day time ITV television programme “This Morning” with Phillip Scofield

Well the two female friends of mine who got married last year might be able to, but then again I doubt they’d do something so creepy as to go round telling children why they find certain parts of certain women attractive. More likely they’d try to avoid imposing on their children any false sets of values regarding sexual orientation.