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Only hope for the republicans is to embrace the libertarians. Economic extremly to the “right” and freedom wise extremly to the “left” in american terms. Don’t lump them together with the media view of the TEAbaggers. Had Ron Paul gotten the chance Obama would be gone by now. Obama lost 10 million votes this time around and still quite easily won which says more about the republicans. The US needs to abolish their two party system to make it more dynamic. I’m just loving it watching all of these FOXNews people going nuts about Obama “priceless”. Entertainment for the whole family. =)

Republicrats got what they deserved. They are just another welfare party but catering to slightly different group of people and I hate their base for being so close minded about gays, science etc.

It’s actually sad that the US once a bastion of at least personal and economic freedom has turned into just another european country plus the warmongering and religious nuts. Everything I loved with the US has slowly dissapeared and I hope it’s not forever.