Re: Re: Obama to visit marbella!


@Katy wrote:

….matters not that it was Fox as all the US media are saying more or less the same

Exactly Katy.

The New York Times commented on/acknowledged the same fact:
“Critics back home question the wisdom of such a lavish vacation, which involves at least some taxpayer money, in a time of austerity. The blogosphere has been filled with commentary about what many saw as a tone-deaf trip in the same week the United States reported the loss of 131,000 more jobs. “A modern-day Marie Antoinette,” scolded a New York Daily News columnist”.

@peterhun wrote:

Yeah, 1.5% of the US population are just falling over themselves to watch Fox.

You can make 4.5 million into a percentage if it makes you happy 🙂 – but that’s still twice as many viewers as those who “fell over themselves” to watch that particular speech on CNN.
And your point is?