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Ancient law states pathways must be 16m in width

I find these ancient laws interesting. In Greece in ‘days of old’, farmers allowed each other to have ‘donkey track’ access along the perimeter of their fields. Today, where people are now building but need wider access, these donkey tracks must become registered (with the various owners’ permissions of course) to become a minimum 4 metre wide ‘Agricultural Road’. Some of the original donkey tracks I’ve seen are only about 2 metres wide. Maybe the Greek donkeys/goats were slimmer than the Spanish ones (!) – 16 metres for an animal pathway is a big chunk of land.

I’ll give the Greeks their due though. All these ancient ‘donkey tracks’ are readily available for anyone’s lawyer to dig up.
Apologies for going off topic a bit Melosine, but it’s interesting – am wondering if the 16 metres was ancient-hindsight for the future dual carriageways of today.