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An excellent analysis, but we should remember that expats have often used the corrupt and inefficient system for their own ends, building and buying houses where there shouldn’t be any; and then complaining bitterly about the system they have used wholeheartedly along the way.

In the same way, expats have opened businesses and bank accounts, largely by-passing the regulations, and cynically borrowing huge sums from the under-regulated financial institutions to finance dubious projects that would never have got off the ground back in their own countries. Even Fred Goodwin would have shown them to the door.

That large ‘foreign’ influence in Spain has been largely negative to the country’s overall health.

(Can you really blame the mayor in some out of the way, dusty town for allowing the rich foreigner to build a few nice houses on derelict farmland? It will provide jobs and income for local people with the vote.)

Of course you can blame the Mayor (its illegal) and whilst people share your view of the system there will be many more illegal builds. So lets all finally agree THAT BUILDING ON RUSTIC LAND WITH DUBIOUS LICENCES ISSUED BY LOCAL MAYORS IS ILLEGAL.

You can shout about it all you like, but the fact remains that thousands of people from the UK bought those ‘illegal’ houses relying on advice from developers, property agents, lawyers, bank mangers, notaries and, of course, the friendly local mayors. I’ll declare an interest, I’m one of those buyers.

Rather than blame Spanish corruption, and as a UK citizen we daren’t even think that our system is any better, we should blame our misunderstanding of Spanish laws and practices.

I’ve lived in Spain for many years, I’ve gotten used to their ways, they’re different to ours, very different when it comes to property laws, the majority of Spanish people live in apartments (70 percent of them), and they wonder what all the fuss is about when some camposino from abroad challenges the way of rural life they know nothing about.