Re: Re: Nightmare vision for Europe as EU chief warns ‘democracy


I think the problems with the Spanish Property market go beyond a misunderstanding of Spanish laws and practices. The only misunderstanding that non Spanish people may have had when buying property in Spain was that Spain was a developed country and that its laws and institutions were on par with other Western European nations. Despite the pretensions of the Spanish Government to be otherwise this is clearly not the case.

The Spanish (property) laws and practices are a throwback to medieval times when justice was arbitrary and dispensed in ways which were parochial to the barrons of the day. Hence we witness Regional authorities taking land from homeowners and giving it to developers in the name of progress. Add in the mixture of corruption and unfairness in the way that homeowners have to pay for the infrastructure charges of the developer and hay ho we have a modern version of medieval justice. In Andalucia the Regional Authority allowed mass building to take place often at the discretion of the local ayuntamiento. I can only compare the situation to the Wild West in America in the 1800s. Buyers often placed their trust in lawyers for advice on property purchases only to later find that they were in cahoots with developers. After years of complacency or perhaps even worse collusion the Andalucian Regional Authority decided to intervene retrospectively and hand out their own form of partisan justice. In one case, involving the unfortunate Priors, they ignored the judicial process and just demolished their house. As I have already mentioned this sort of rough justice is more akin to a medievial society than a modern one.

In the Uk and other modern societies, the law has developed over centuries to take account of social pressures and has introduced the concept of equity. In my view this branch of law is the one thing that separates modern societies from all others. Spain does not appear to have anything remotely similar to the principal of equity. The law does not appear to protect its citizens or for that matter other E.U. citizens from the the abuses of executive power. Until it does Spain will forever remain a country with pretensions to be a developed country.