Re: Re: new players in the market



I’m not bonkers, to the best of my knowledge.

You acuse me of lying and “talking up” the market.

Have you glanced at my blog at any time in the last 7 years? I mainly get agro for “talking down” the market. On the comments on this article someone calls me “old misery guts” In reality, both accusations are thoughtless.

I don’t know what data you have in your possession, but I know of several projects that are selling reasonably well off-plan today. I’m not talking about hearsay. I’m talking about data. I base my opinions on what I see.

Anyway, pray tell, what are the risks involved in buying off-plan today in Spain? I know what they are, but I wonder if you do.

Logan, nobody sells me information. Sounds to me like your developer friend needs help, like 100% of other depressed developers in Spain today.

I had lunch today in Barcelona’s Hotel W. There is no sign whatsoever of a recession in some parts of the Spanish economy.