Re: Re: new players in the market


I was today at the property show in Olympia. The Italian & Franch stands were busy. The were some lectures/workshop going on & they were really pushing Valencia as next best thing after Paella Valenciana !!!!! Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

At the French work shop they were sugguesting that the French taxes are lower than UK. Speak to the French who work in London & go home home every week and those who cannot leave France as there is two to three years waiting list at the French schools in London.

I had long chat with a half sensible staff of Sabadell & raised issues about 902 telephone number on site, lack of reply to email, information like M2, floor level, service charges etc. She said to me & against all my cynicism gave her the benefit of doubt. She basically summed up in

a) The demand for prospective buyers is so great that they just cant cope.
b) Lack of trained staff as they are Bankers and not estate agents.
c) Large block/s come onto their books where the developers has not even handed the keys to the apartments.
d) Where investors are buying a whole block, they don’t reply to emails while the negotiation is going on.
e) They don’t even list commercial properties i.e. hotels, parking, warehouses, land.
f) She accepted lack of professionalism on the part of Banks.