Re: Re: New large scale project for Marbella



Shakeel, you misunderstand my post. In no way was I “making fun” of Arabs, just stating how it is. Ten years of working with them in the Emirates I came to learn this is one of their ways and how it is. Nothing more, nothing less.

I still have many friends from that part of the world plus very proudly have a Muslim ‘Godson’ who I adore. These friends are the first to admit this is one of their ways and at least have the honesty to laugh about it. I also worked for a year for the royal family in another Middle Eastern country, and the ‘royals’ can be just as bad(!) though kindness itself.

So not “arrogance”, just informed insight from years of experience. I understand, and accept, the Arabic mindset and their ways very well, I assure you.

As I wrote: @charlie wrote:

It’s the Arab way, almost a courtesy.