Re: Re: New large scale project for Marbella


@shakeel wrote:

I doubt very much that a world renown Architect like Lord Rogers would have taken his plans for approval if he knew it would be rejected by the Council. The plan were approved ( money talks & walks ) It was only when Prince Charles directly contacted the Qatari Royal family that it was shelved.

In so far as the locals not approving it, get real. Power & money over rules what local like or dislike. Personally I prefer the Prince Classical style. However as I am not spending billions I cannot call the shots.

Here is reality, Prince Charles stopped the plans dead in its tracks. Don’t know where you live, but locals choose the local government and they can block any development they want. Some of the richest and most powerful people in the world live in Chelsea and they got their way.

” world renown Architect like Lord Rogers”
He is a nobody. Nobody has any respect for architects, except other architects I suppose.