Re: Re: Naughty Spanish Banks Hiding the Truth, well Lying reall


No-one has ever said you don’t sell properties in Spain or that none are ever sold, you keep saying that, we believe you, however, we have disproved your recent massively overpriced property despite your unfounded optimism, a leg-lift which we accept you say is the ‘vendor’s valuation’ but on your website nonetheless as if it was Viva who valued it.

Checking other properties, some don’t look badly priced compared to what they were once, but in Sterling terms still risky IMO, some are still overpriced. On the face of it, your Valtocardo property looks reasonable until a lawyer friend of ours and others in the region tell us ‘they often get broken in to there’, but will the agent point any of this out to new buyers or is left to ‘buyer beware’? IMO prospective new British buyers do place their trust in British agents as if they were financial consultants.

I have a good thread from another website which clearly pointed out ‘what the agent told us’ and then ‘what we now tell them’ quite a difference in fact, it would be good to hear that doesn’t occur anymore 🙄