Re: Re: Naughty Spanish Banks Hiding the Truth, well Lying reall


As any successful property investor will tell you it’s all about timing and knowing your market. When to get in and when to move on, never out. That said being out of Spain and what’s left of the property market is an exception to my golden rule.

Quite honestly because there are so many lies, misguided untruths and bull s##t flowing around about the situation in Spain right now anyone stuck in the market can only hold on, wear a hard hat and stick it out.

I don’t share in any optimism written on here by agents and posters of the cloth of Mr McCarthy, Marcos et al. It’s based on nothing else but hope and the strange desire to offer a counter argument to the logic of others on forums.

Risking your financial security in investment requires far more than that. Qualified risk, based on knowledge and experience is fine. Vague hopeful statements that everything will be fine, and the roses in the garden smell so sweet is financially suicidal.

Of course the trolls on here risk nothing they simply write nonsense best ignored.