Re: Re: Naughty Spanish Banks Hiding the Truth, well Lying reall



@angie wrote:

Totally agree with you there chopera, how do you see it all ending?

Would people be mad to invest in Spain whilst all this is going on, I think so?

To me it’s quite clear that now is the wrong time to buy in Spain for Brits, although I can see why those in that game will say otherwise, it’s there livelihoods after all, but that said would they hold back truths from potential purchasers or would or could they be honest with them and point out the potential pitfalls? 😉

I’m afraid I haven’t the slightest clue how this will all end. If you want to pick the bottom of the market then it’s usually when everyone else has given up hope, but I don’t think that’s quite happened yet. Also when there is so much political interference in the markets, it’s very difficult to predict anything (I happily predicted a house price crash in the UK 5 years ago, but a few trillion pumped into the banks put a halt to that, well for the time being at least)

Regarding Spanish property I’m occasionally being tempted by big reductions in decent coastal property, and I can see 10% rental yields on certain properties in Madrid, but I’m in no hurry.