Re: Re: My predictions for 2013



Good idea for a thread though.

Very hard to make predictions, especially as you never know what Rajoy will fail to do next.. But here goes:

i ) Spanish house prices to stablise generally or in poor areas fall 2-3% in 2013, despite a rise in sales from 2011 and 2012. (this prediction is based on the govt not bottling the decision to give residency for 160k buyers. If they screw that up, then a fall of 6-7%, to add to previous years’ falls, is possible)

ii ) Unemployment to start falling in early summer 2013, but more importantly continue falling from winter 2013 to 2014.

iii ) Work on Euro-Vegas in Madrid province to start in December 2013

iv ) The fast tain link to France via Girona to be a tremendous success, after 2 or 3 months teething problems

v ) Tourism levels to stay at their high levels.

vi ) International investors like Warren Buffet to continue making big investments in Spain. Like this one just announced.

vii) Real Madrid to win the Champions League

viii) Telefonica shares to hit a low price of 9.20 between now and February, before rising to 18.00

ix) Something dramatic to happen to El Corte Ingles. Perhaps sold off and/or broken up?

x) The long-needed law changes that allow private operators to run train services in Spain are passed by the government (a long shot this – it needs to be done, but Rajoy always seems to delay indefinitely the measures that would help).