Re: Re: Moving back to the UK – what are the advantages?


I can’t disagree with the writer saying that ‘if expats had sold up and rented and then used exchange rates to their advantage’
they would be better off financially, certainly in Sterling terms, however we know most were too greedy and held out for high prices and then found themselves chasing a rapidly falling and overblown market. You cannot catch up with those markets then 🙄

The reverse is true when looking to buy in Spain now and it confirms what I’ve been saying for ages when people keep saying that ‘prices are low and now is a time to buy property in Spain’, the exchange rates come into play again for Brits which negate the price falls with higher Sterling needed to buy properties, often ending up with Spanish properties costing as much now as they would have years ago in Sterling terms. Nothing wrong though if it is purely a lifestyle and long term move and there’s no need to resell for many years. 🙄