Re: Re: Moving back to the UK – what are the advantages?


Thanks Chopera, you confirm what I thought might be the case. There are the two categories – the workers and the retired. The strange thing was that the news articles I read seemed to be talking about the retired going back to the UK for financial reasons. Their incomes had somehow gone down and they felt bad because their house [that they had probably regarded as a retirement nest egg] had now become devalued. But I couldn’t see, generally speaking, how they could be better off in the UK, taking everything into account, and still can’t.

Katy’s progression is interesting – thanks for that Katy. Your experience meant that things got better each time.

Also thanks to itsme for the advice on how to do it properly ie take it slowly and buy detached. Actually in the UK these days I would only ever desire to buy detached because British people are not what they used to be. Seems like renting first is the key. And actually in the UK I’ve seen the advice that if you are going to buy a house, go round there at all hours of the day and night and see what is going on in the location. Loud music? Youths hanging round? etc. One should do that everywhere I suppose.