Re: Re: Moving back to the UK – what are the advantages?


@angie wrote:

I love your story katy, you should write a book about your tales in Spain and next time you move somewhere exotic we will happily move in with you, πŸ˜‰ and you also know Naples Fl πŸ˜‰

Katy and Melosine, we used to shop in our local Spanish supermarkets Mankydonna and Notsosupersol, I will get slagged by ranting Ubeda no doubt for saying this, but they were the dirtiest supermarkets we’d ever been in anywhere, they didn’t know the meaning of hygiene eg their cheap plastic baskets were coated in grime, floors were filthy, didn’t know the first thing about ‘sell by dates’ so we had to scrutinise every purchase as most were out of date and surprisingly their fruit and veg sections were dire, tired old selection from Almeria no doubt, meat counter awful and don’t they like their flies? πŸ™„

Local fruit and veg shops were fine though πŸ˜‰

I believe Supersol and Mercadonna are both franchises, so it’s pot luck as to what the one near you is like. Personally I’ve always found Mercadonna clean and hygenic, Supersol rather worse and with slow checkout attendants. I’ve found that checking sell by dates as well as checking your receipt is a requirement in every supermarket in Spain. If you want to go upmarket there’s always Hipercore/El Corte InglΓ©s – but I really don’t find their hiper-inflated prices justify the slightly better quality.