Re: Re: Moving back to the UK – what are the advantages?


Katy, what I was referring to by “not researching” has nothing to do with illegalities or being conned rather that they are seeking to sell because the area doesn´t suit them.
Buying 1 acre plots and large houses with sans Brits as neighbours some suddenly realise the reality is not what they dreamed it to be. Likewise for others living on an urbanisation overloaded with their fellow countryman.
The common denominator being they all assumed that if they didn´t like where they lived they could sell !!!

Angie, when people relocate to UK from other countries it is the norm to see food shops open to cater for their finer needs so don´t see why it should be any different here. Our nearest Brit shop, Iceland, is 40 miles away but without it my grand-daughter wouldn´t get her much adored potato waffles 🙄

Of course I would like to think that, if circumstances made it necessary, I would be able to downsize but whilst the market is in free fall better to believe the situation will never arise.