Re: Re: Moving back to the UK – what are the advantages?


First time poster to the site and have read this thread with Interest.

We holiday in Spain at least 3 times a year at present and it’s costing anywhere betwen £500 and £750 depending on where we want to go.

I am now at the stage where I’m looking at the prices falling daily and weighing up the cost of an apartment against several years renting (although at 41 I hope to be around for a few years yet). I would purchase cash so to take out the uncertainty of the mortgages and banking system.

This would not be an investment (those days are long gone in most countries) but simply a buy to enjoy venture. I know there are pros and cons to buying, hence why i joined the site, but once things settle it will be a very tempting time for many.
I know of a least 3 other couples who are thinking along the same lines as myself and I think, as pointed out by an earlier poster, that there is a new wave of owners waiting in the wings. I say owners and not investors as i would not expect to make a return on my purchase, well, not for many many years anyway, so this would simply be for my family and friends to enjoy.

There is still money out there and as always, we have the weather to try and escape from. It may happen next week, or it may happen in 3 years time but there are people out there watching and waiting.