Re: Re: Move from Southern France to Valencia Region


Im not stating that the quality of consruction is better or indeed worse – its the design that I am talking about.

Re construction if you are relating to stone then you have something – a lot with 60cm walls and most with interesting wood work as well, a shell that you can work with.

I would rather take on a stone property with a crack – which I can stick my hand through ( and have done), than a villa or new build with signs of movement. The first has been standing for hundreds of years – if there are no other issues then there is always a solution for that. The second is a where do I start – was it built when it was too wet/dry, what conditions have caused this , is this to do with the foundations etc – what is the construction – brick or concrete block etc.

Dont get your point re Victorian property – cold – poor insulation – requiring masses of maintenance etc.

There are some absolutley shocking villa’s out there as there are new builds else where. They are neither conservative or really creative.

Re build quality, I could not be so judgemental re old v new – in this case villa’s of 30 – 40 years against new.

I have had to deal with some charming construction skills on both and in the case of the new – you can of course discuss what has been used , view materials used etc.

The main point re value and suggestions is not missed at all Kev – I really appreciate that, indeed if you get it fo raround 150k that allows a lot of freedom re rebuild/restyle if it lends itself to that, one needs to see how it has been consctucted.

The website was also a good one – thanks.

p.s I have some great old cars that would I would not trade for a modern car either.