Re: Re: Move from Southern France to Valencia Region


@floatingjimi wrote:

I have been carrying out major renovations for the last eight years from small to very large.
The more recent – taking old wine caves – demolishing all the wine vats etc and then creating a contempoary interior in a classic structure, in all I have renovated and managed some 40 projects.
The best years for that have now gone – in the last three years I have spent my time keeping my hand in and helping people to realise projects as renovating to make a profit does not add up.

Taking a tired villa and doing something with it – you are still left with the tired villa structure, I would be happy to hear that people still manage to make a proft from doing that in Spain as that would definately keep the grey matter working, the thing is that where I do not do a job at half measure i cannot see it making sense looking at what fine new property is available – does not add up.

Some of the contempoary designs are stunning and whilst paying for someone elses work – I disagree that they will be old hat in 10 years – but the originality of the design will dictate that.

Any new builds are mostly cheap builds and botched jobs. The oldn’s are the best. What about all these victorian homes that have been sitting for years…
In new builds you can hear the person on the loo in the next room the walls are so thin….so to be honest I completely disagree with you about the tired villa structure, we are talking about a house here, not a boat or a car!

I have lived in a new build and would never buy one again to be honest. The old ones are so solid and well constructed.

And I never meant for you to do it to make some money on it, but to save you some money…especially if you can do it up yourself if you are in the trade…
The ones you are looking at are near 500.000, the older one was only 150.000, if you spent 100.000 on it, it would probably look better than the 500.000 one. I agree on the location thing though, that is the most important thing to be honest. You can change the look of a house but not the location….
Your call though obviously, but no way are new builds better quality than the older built properties…well most of them anyway.