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The last property is twice the local value – however being beach front – they are trying for it – be interested to see what they achieve – however if I got it for 25-30% off that – I would be pleased as punch.

Is it an illegal build? its very close to the sea.

Anything within 500m of the high tide line is at risk. I saw a map of what areas of spain had been surveyed recently but didn’t save it ! It also showed the delineating measurements of what would & would not be allowed within the 500m restrictions. If memory serves me correctly within 100m is not allowed ( demolition at some point) 100-200m , highly unlikely & with severe restrictions & good chance of demolition. 200-500m , possibilities with restrictions.
I’d have thought that it’s a candidate for demolition at some point. No one with any sense ,as the situation stands at present , should purchase anything within 500m of the high tide line.