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So having prattled on enough about my reasons for moving and also the fact that the cost of living would be min 25% less than here, here are a few q’s

Am I being naive re the general feel?
Are there any parents out there who could shed some light on my thoughts
Does using a good solicitor ( if needs be English) provide real security when buying?
To follow that is ther a 100% safe way of buying in Spain.
What are the best search portals to use – I am using kyero and fotocasa.

Thanks in Advance


Are you talking Valencia city, or province?
As a parent in Barcelona all I can say is that private schooling is fantastic at a fraction of what it would cost in the UK.
With a good solicitor like Juan Bertomeu (Denia) you can buy safely. Just don’t buy in rural areas thanks to the land grab laws, or right on the beach (Ley de Costas). In Valencia city check the urban plan before buying – there are big projects underway.
In Valencia city use and fotocasa. In more touristy areas Kyero should be good too.

There is a lot of grumbling in this forum, but there are also a lot of very happy expats in Spain. Always improtant to have the funds, and not rely on assumptions about earnings in Spain, which might never materialise.

I love going to the South of France for weekends (just a few hours drive) but wouldn’t want to live anwyere but Spain. For all its faults, it’s a wonderful country.