Re: Re: Move from Southern France to Valencia Region


@floatingjimi wrote:

So where do the “real bargains” get advertised if not on the web portals.

If I was a private seller then my first chosie would be to get it onto a portal that maximises its exposure.

I have mine advertised on portals and have had not one viewing. All my viewings are from someone in the bank who knows someone, or from word of mouth from estate agents….It is probably different for smaller properties, but for larger ones at a higher price, people get to hear about it from word of mouth in the local area, or the bank manager knows of someone who is looking to invest etc…
I could quite easily remove it from the portals and still get the viewings, hence me saying that all the prime location properties get moved around between banks and estate agents and as Katy said, some don’t even get advertised…Unfortunately its who you know…