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Re accessing banks portfolios – how does one go about that.

All Spanish Banks have extensive on line property portfolios and sales or management departments to contact.

Logan is quite right, you may go direct to the banks to see their extensive lines, but they will show you the crap ones that will not sell for years, you won’t even get to see the corkers as they need to offload so much rubbish first, and the discounts of the repos are probably lower than seeing the vendors direct.
For example, here is a link to a house, this is one of many may I add…
…well, it looks like it just takes you through to the home page, but anyway, If you look under Tarragona, Salou, casas, you will see a house for sale of 400 square meters, at 838.000euros. This is a repo and the bank has discounted this, apparently for a quick sale. My property is 300 square meters and is on the market for 549.000euros ono.
Before you all jump down my throat, this is not spam, but just an example of the “massive” discounts banks are offering for repos…not!
There are flats on there, one for example, is 150.000 for a 1 bedroom flat down a back street in Salou…In 2007 I sold a 2 bedroom second line with a glimpse of the sea for 145.000euros….Take a look for yourselves, this is one website of many who are selling the bank repos…